Ethical Intelligence is first and foremost an information platform, and we recognise that you may have research, data or knowledge requirements that are not covered in the main site content. The field of ESG investing is wide and its horizons are constantly expanding – we want to help you to be at the forefront of that expansion.

Opportunities include:

  • Third-party research: Do you have a question about your ESG strategy? Do you want to support your investment decisions with high quality, comprehensive analysis? Do you want to explore a targeted area of ethical investing or a specific investment opportunity (the potential for hydroelectric power in North Africa, maybe, or the incidence of marine bond issuance in Scandinavia)? We can help. Our experienced researchers and analysts will work with you to identify what you need, ask the right questions, create a bespoke research format and produce a professional and detailed report on the topic of your choice.
  • White papers and sponsored material: Do you want to build your brand profile in the field of ESG? Do you want to get your company name out there, and establish yourselves as a credible source of ethical investment information? We will work with you to identify the hottest topics in the field right now, leverage your in-house expertise to strengthen and promote your company brand, produce detailed analysis covering the key questions the industry really wants to know, and distribute the results both through our own extensive subscriber network and online platform as well as directly to key players across the industry and within the media, ensuring that you access the right people with the right message at the right time.
  • Industry surveys: Do you want to know what your clients think about a certain topic? Do you want to mine wider industry opinion on a key ESG topic? Perhaps you want to generate exclusive and proprietary data from a detailed survey of investment officers, fund managers or portfolio leads? Or just keep your finger on the pulse and show your shareholders (or the financial press) that you care? We can create, manage, execute and analyse complex industry surveys and, if required, tailor the content into bespoke research reports, media press releases, client communications or any other format you require.
  • Curated content and client communications: Do you have a deep pool of expertise but lack the resources to fully leverage your knowledge base? Do your investment managers know everything there is to know about ESG, but you never have time to channel their skills into the right marketing format? Do you want to keep your clients better informed, but your marketing executives simply don’t have the time to create the right content on a regular basis? We can help. From internal communications to regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) client newsletters, special reports to weekly news updates, we offer a versatile menu of curated content that will transform your relationships and create a closer bond between you and your customers.

Our team has worked with governments to identify new markets and international collaboration opportunities, with supranational bodies to analyse key performance metrics, and with industry associations to establish top growth trends. Whatever you need, we can help to identify a bespoke solution that works exclusively for you.

If your firm has corporate communications or content requirements that extend outside the world of ESG, take a look at our sister site, Bell Intelligence, which offers comprehensive content marketing and management solutions for the wider financial, consumer and business markets.

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