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AI and its Influence on ESG Data

A new report from Greenbiz and Trucost evaluates the fivefold growth in corporate sustainability reporting over the past decade, and looks at how automation and artificial intelligence are being leveraged to both generate and evaluate ESG data.

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Aussie super funds get heat over climate change stance

The bushfires that devastated huge swaths of Australia over the past six months have left the engagement policies at the center of the superannuation industry's efforts to address climate change risks under growing scrutiny, says Pensions & Investments.

The coronavirus outbreak is terrible news for climate change

It appears increasingly likely that the global coronavirus outbreak will cut greenhouse-gas emissions this year, as deepening public health concerns ground planes and squeeze international trade. But, warns Technology Review, the situation could complicate the challenges of climate change at a point when it was crucial to make rapid strides.

Coronavirus Will Realign Investors’ Priorities

The deadly virus is a stress test, of sorts, for the challenges of climate change, says Market Watch. The crisis points to the potential of a new normal that’s better for our climate future as investors reweight their portfolios in light of current events.

BlackRock Commits $50bn to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

The first tranche of US$18 million in funding has been deployed to food banks and community organisations across America and Europe working directly with vulnerable populations. In Asia since January, BlackRock has provided support to Give2Asia, where its funding earlier this year supported the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.

AI and its Influence on ESG Data

A new report from Greenbiz and Trucost evaluates the fivefold growth in corporate sustainability reporting over the past decade, and looks at how automation and artificial intelligence are being leveraged to both generate and evaluate ESG data.

FCA announces proposals to improve climate-related disclosures by listed companies

The new rule will require all commercial companies with a premium listing to either make climate related disclosures consistent with the approach set out by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) or explain why not. The FCA will consider consulting on extending this rule to a wider scope of issuers.

Jobs bonanza in stewardship and sustainable investing teams

The world’s biggest asset managers have embarked on a hiring spree across their stewardship and sustainable investing teams, as fund houses tap into growing demand for ESG investing, says the Financial Times.

UBS AM’s ESG ETF range passes €10bn mark

UBS Asset Management has seen its sustainable ETF range pass €10bn assets under management (AUM), a sign of the increasing demand for ESG products, says ETF Stream. The firm launched its first ETF with an ESG tilt in 2011, the UBS ETF MSCI World Socially Responsible ETF (WSRUSA) which became the first ESG ETF listed in Europe to pass the €1bn barrier last July.

New research highlights strong correlation between ESG factors and developed markets sovereign spreads

A new Federated Hermes study conducted with Beyond Ratings, ‘Pricing ESG risk in sovereign credit, part II’, reveals a meaningful relationship between sovereign ESG scores and CDS spreads in developed markets, according to Institutional Asset Manager.

Coronavirus Reduces China’s CO2 Emissions by 25%

Measures to contain coronavirus have resulted in reductions of 15% to 40% in output across key industrial sectors, according to an analysis from Carbon Brief.

Critical Resource, ERM join to tackle ESG risks

London-based Critical Resource and global sustainability consulting firm Environmental Resources Management ERM, have joined up in a deal that is a significant development in terms of the market for ESG and sustainability consulting services, says

MSCI Says ESG Indexes May Eventually Outsize Traditional Indexes

As it currently stands, MSCI has 37 ESG-related gauges versus 1,000 for traditional stock and bond indexes, but expect that disparity to change over time. Remy Briand, head of ESG at MSCI, expects assets under management following the company’s ESG gauges will likely double in 2020, according to a Bloomberg Green report.

Morningstar research explores how fund families support ESG

The growth of ESG investing has contributed to a greater focus on corporate elections, known as proxy votes. These votes have taken on a new level of importance for investors globally, as the proxy voting process is used as a tool for effecting governance changes and a visible indicator of how investment fiduciaries are positioning themselves on sustainability issues, says Morningstar.

BlackRock Releases 2020 Stewardship Priorities

BlackRock has released its Engagement Priorities for 2020 outlining its roadmap for investment stewardship this year. The Priorities also further BlackRock’s commitment in January to make sustainability its new standard for investing.

BlackRock expands iShares ESG ETF range

BlackRock has expanded its range of sustainable exchange traded funds (ETFs) with three new products for investors looking to manage long term risks relating to ESG factors, reports Investment Europe.

ESG Funds Might Soon Have to Prove to SEC They’re Actually ESG

The US Securities and Exchange Commission wants to know whether money managers are engaging in false advertising by saying funds are devoted to doing good when the reality is much murkier, reports Bloomberg.

PensionDanmark publishes audited ESG figures

PensionDanmark said it has become the first pension provider in Denmark to include figures on its own environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in its annual independent auditor’s report – a move its leader believes others will follow, according to IPE.

Largest Barclays’ Shareholder Protests Against CEO

Sherborne Investors, Barclays' largest shareholder, has come out strongly against the renomination of James Staley to the Board of Directors of Barclays PLC due to his connections with disgraced hedge fund manager and convicted abuser Jeffrey Epstein, says Markets Media.

Ping An Insurance to stop financing high pollution industries

Ping An Insurance Group has become the first major Chinese asset owner this year to openly declare that it will stop financing high pollution and high energy consumption industries as part of its efforts to combat climate change and become an active global influencer in the ESG space, according to The Asset.

2019 was a breakthrough year for ESG investors

Record assets flowed into ETFs that provide exposure to stocks based on ESG considerations in 2019, reflecting a growing desire on the part of investors to add sustainability considerations to their investment portfolio, says FTSE Russell.

BNP Paribas emits governance-centered ESG index

By focusing on the G, the Governance part of ESG, French asset manager BNP Paribas has issued an index-tracker certificate, which selects companies based on their G-force, says Investment Europe.

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