Ethical Intelligence was founded in 2018 to provide a targeted global platform for news, information, insights and analysis around the rapidly growing marketplace for ethical investment. Designed for institutional investors, fund managers, regulators, analysts and other practitioners within or with an interest in the sustainable and responsible investment space, Ethical Intelligence is here to inform, assist and educate – helping you to understand your environment, identify your competitors, compare your performance and stay up to date with the latest information available. Covering all asset classes from funds and fixed income to syndicated financing, private equity, venture capital and more, the site focuses exclusively on information relevant to investment practice – providing a clear financial perspective to give you the edge you need in your daily business decisions, across all major responsible investment categories.


Ethical Intelligence was founded by a group of analysts, journalists and marketing specialists who saw a gap in the market for cutting edge, targeted information focused exclusively on the ethical and ESG institutional investment marketplace. With multiple decades of experience in the industry across a wide range of sectors from mainstream news provision and in-depth financial analysis to content marketing, international events and media promotions, the Ethical Intelligence team is defined by our deep commitment to the field of ESG investment, our determination to bring the very best information to our readers, and our dedication to independent, accurate and ethical reporting.


We focus on bringing you the latest in ESG investment news worldwide – combining hard facts with exclusive insights, current news with knowledge-based analysis, unique thought leadership with upcoming trend outlooks. We also offer additional services including third-party research, white papers, curated content, special reports and marketing material. If you have a question about the ethical investment industry that needs answering, a research requirement that you cannot fulfil in-house, a product launch that needs promotion or any other project that requires high quality, expert content, check out our Work With Us page to find out more, or get in touch.

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Welcome to Ethical Intelligence! Great news!  We are about to restart our  service!  Watch this space for exciting details and new collaborations and partnerships!  In the meantime,  access to the site is still free of charge so please feel free to explore our wealth of existing content.